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Stephanie empowers individuals and families to find balance in times of
anxiety, stress, burnout, trauma, difficult relationships, or other challenging life experiences.
Hey, I'm Stephanie!

My approach to therapy is ensuring you feel comfortable with me as your therapist. I balance between being humorous, sassy, empathetic, and easy going while also being direct, when needed.

​​ I understand that some clients benefit from talk therapy while others benefit from releasing stored trauma. We will find what works best for you!
Aerial View of Waves

Support for
but not limited to:

Anxiety, Stress Management,
Relationships/Family Conflict,
Adjustment and 
Life Transitions,

Work/Life Balance, Complex PTSD, Family Trauma,
and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery.

​ Clients can benefit from exploring attachment styles, inner child work, and how past hurts can carry over to the present.

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