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An individually tailored, strengths-based, client-centered, collaborative plan that you believe can work best for you!

A supportive and non-judgmental space to feel seen, heard, validated, and encouraged.

Time where you can connect your head to your heart and your past to your present.

Sometimes, you need someone that is not a friend or family member.

Psychology Patient

Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy offers personal growth, healing, change, and self-discovery. Through talk therapy, clients are able to receive feedback, empathetic listening, and support in expressing feelings constructively.

Clients will be challenged to make connections, explore and establish boundaries, learn healthy coping skills, identify unhelpful thinking patterns, and increase communication skills in order to decrease negative symptoms.

Family Counseling

Families receive assistance in redefining boundaries, listening/feedback, fair fighting skills, and support in reframing communication. Often times, we want to be heard and forget to listen. Other times, we may be stuck in thinking our way is the only way. Family Counseling offers an opportunity for an impartial person to help through difficulty and change.

Online Meeting

Telehealth Services

In addition to in office therapy, we offer online telehealth services utilizing secure video platforms. Online therapy has proven to be just as effective as in office sessions. Clients are able to receive services from the comfort and safety of their own home.  Telehealth has also allowed a broader outreach to individuals and families across the state of IL.

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